The New Glacier battery from OnePlus offers four years of high capacity

OnePlus has developed a new battery with a 4-year good health promise, maintaining over 80% of its capacity after four years, offering high energy density and ultra-fast charging support.

Physically the new 6,100mAh Glacier battery is smaller than 5,000mAh batteries

OnePlus has introduced its Glacier battery, a larger, more compact smartphone cell with a capacity of 6,100 mAh. Despite its larger capacity, the battery is smaller than most 5,000 mAh cells due to its high-capacity bionic silicon carbon material. It has an energy density of 763 Wh/L and weighs only 14 grams.

OnePlus and Ningde New Energy collaborated on the Glacier battery, a silicon carbon anode technology, capable of ultra-fast 100W charging, filling 100% capacity in 36 minutes.

The OnePlus Glacier battery comes with a 4-year battery health guarantee

OnePlus has introduced a new battery with a 4-year lifespan, retaining over 80% capacity after four years of regular use. The battery will be used in the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, a more powerful version of the Ace 3, which will be launched in China. If not, the OnePlus 13 may debut the new battery globally.

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