The Top 10 Xbox Series Game to Play in 2023

A Plague Tale Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem Game Trailer

In this game, you’ll have to deal with soldiers, bandits, and swarms of rats that are vulnerable to light. You can do cool stuff like taking out the soldier’s torch and watching the poor bastard get eaten by rats. There are also plenty of puzzles to solve, but they’re a little too easy in my opinion, plus your companions always give you tips to make sure you don’t ever get stuck.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Trailer

We have a fast-paced online game that recently came out on all platforms for free. I’m obviously talking about Overwatch 2. It’s not really my cup of tea, but since it’s free, I play it every now and then, and honestly, this 5v5 team-based online game is extremely fun to play. The graphics are decent, even if you have an old PC or an Xbox One. You won’t have a hard time running Overwatch 2 because, optimization-wise, it’s great with the way the game supports cross-play. so you can play it with your friends regardless of platform.

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Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Review

If you like real-time strategy games and mediaeval RPGs, then you’ll love this game because it’s a mix of both genres. That’s kind of rare, in addition to the third-person perspective. The game is also playable in first person, although I felt like the RPG part wasn’t deep enough. There are still plenty of things to do, like trade, join tournaments, purchase workshops, and even get married. Just make sure you quickly build an army or you’ll be kidnapped by bandits every 2 minutes.So if you ever wanted to found your own kingdom, then becoming the Mount and Blade 2 Banner Lord is what you need to do.


Grounded Game Trailer

In the survival game, you play as a tiny person trying to survive and figure out what made them shrink. You’ll obviously have to eat and drink or you’ll die; other than that, you’ll spend 69 percent of the time killing bugs, and even then those bugs will probably still kick. Seriously, the beginning is rough, so if you like what you see and you really want to play solo or online with up to three friends, you can do so through Game Pass, which is awesome.

Persona 5 Royal

A boring, regular Japanese student’s life gets crazy after a strange app gets installed on their phone and takes them into the metaverse. where they can take off their mask to summon a persona, and that’s probably why they call the game; don’t forget to leave a like for more useless observations. Keep in mind the game takes around three to four hours to get going, so if you’re only into fast-paced games,

Metal Hellsinger

Metal Hellsinger is a doom-like game where you have to sync up your shots with the beat, which I’m absolutely terrible at for real. I have no sense of rhythm whatsoever, so instead of doing that, I tried using the flames and some other elements from the environment to help me sync my shots. Because a lot of elements actually move with the beat, it’s pretty impressive.

The last oricru

This one, The Last Oricru, is a challenging, souls-like action RPG where choices really matter, and honestly, the main reason I decided to put it on this list is because it’s one of the very few RPGs that lets you play the whole game and co-op with a friend online, but most importantly, in split screen even on PC. It’s also one of the jankiest games I played this year.


Dive into Loop’s eighth game, which has finally arrived on Xbox One and Xbox One S a few weeks ago, so if your PC isn’t good enough to run the game now that it’s also available on all next-gen consoles,

Rogue Legacy 2

extremely addictive roguelite Rogue Legacy 2 takes everything the first game did right and improves upon it. There are a bunch of classes that you can pick from, and they all play different. Like, seriously, every class has its own unique gameplay and play style. The randomly generated rates can either make or break your run, or they can drive you insane and make you want to die quickly.

Cod Modern warfare 2

COD: Modern Warfare II Trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s campaign looks absolutely incredible, but gameplay-wise, it’s far from being great. So let’s just talk about multiplayer instead, because in my opinion, that’s where the game truly shines. It’s got a huge variety of modes, so no matter what you’re into, it’s probably there, plus they’ve also added a third-person mode for those of you who stuck with first-person shooters and even a fourth-person mode. where the game uses the Smart TV Camera to allow you to watch yourself playing the game.

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