The Upcoming Star Wars Open World Game By Ubisoft All you Need to Know

Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars game has revealed a number of new gameplay details that are sure to impress. The game will be a fully open world, seamless universe with no loading times, thanks to next-generation technology like the PlayStation 5’s SSD and the Xbox Series X.

This game will be similar to No Man’s Sky, where players can travel anywhere in the galaxy, visit different planets, and explore at will.

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The game will feature a vast open world with different ecosystems, story lines, and activities on each planet. Players will be able to jump between solar systems and immerse themselves in a vast galaxy full of activities.

In addition to its open world, the game will have a deep, lengthy storyline driven by fully customizable characters. Players will be able to create their own character and choose their own path through the story. This is a departure from traditional Star Wars games, which have typically featured a specific protagonist.

Insider gaming has also given us some information on the gameplay itself. The game will have a combination of first-person and third-person gameplay, and will feature a variety of vehicles and gadgets for players to use. It will also have a crafting system, allowing players to create and upgrade their equipment.

While EA Games has previously handled the Star Wars franchise, the license has now been transferred to Ubisoft. Many gamers have been disappointed with EA’s handling of the franchise, with excessive microtransactions and ads making the games almost unplayable. It remains to be seen how Ubisoft will handle the franchise, as they too have a history of microtransactions in their games. However, Ubisoft has more experience with open world games and may be able to deliver a better product.

Overall, the upcoming Star Wars open world game is shaping up to be a truly next-generation experience, with a vast open world, customizable characters, and a deep storyline. Fans of the franchise and open world games alike will surely be excited to see what this game has in store.

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