Top 10 Free Games You Should Play In 2023

Hey guys, it’s Clear Crypt, and we’re sharing The Top 10 Free-to-Play Games You Should Try in 2023. as usual, thus the top 10 is in no particular order, even though I did this on every single one of my top 10 game articles. I still get that press every now and then, but now that doesn’t bother me, so without further ado, let’s start with the first game.

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1. Darwin Project

Darwin Project Game Trailer

The Darwin Project is a VR game, and I know most people are sick of this genre by now. But, hear me out on this game. You only get a bow in the next level. You gotta collect resources, grab some stuff, and upgrade your tools. You must survive the cold while competing with nine other inmates. which makes the Darwin Project very different from most better wild games, so if you have a decent PC and an Xbox One or a PS4, go for it.

2. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Game Launch Trailer

Destiny 2 became free-to-play in 2023, and I haven’t played it much. I honestly wouldn’t spend any money on it because it’s not really my cup of tea, but it’s definitely one of the best free-to-play games. As you can see, the graphics are pretty damn good. The community was already huge, and it’s gotten even bigger since the game went free-to-play. So if you’re into futuristic lunar shooters, Destiny 2 is a must-have.

3. PES 2020 Lite

PES 2020 Lite is the free-to-play version of the previous 2020 game.So, tell me what kind of game mode you’re getting, and by the way, I just said game modes, okay?You get an offline exhibition, online tournaments, and My Club, which is the equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team. Speaking of FIFA, in my humble opinion, PES gameplay is way better. I reviewed both games.

4. Firestorm

Somewhat of a mix between Pub G and Battlefield 5’s Firestorm mode Not really, but that’s how I felt like describing it. So whatever it is, it’s got much better optimization than pub G + cuisine oil, which is actually really easy on you, which is not always the case with the bear wild games. You will most likely get your first kill the very first time you play this game, unless something goes wrong, which is always a possibility, you know.

5. Pandemic

It’s basically a sumo game, but with rocks, and there is no ring out; you just have to knock your opponent up. Okay, it’s got nothing to do with sumo. Well, except for the Fed characters, obviously; long story short, I didn’t think it was good enough for you guys. So instead, I chose a game that only cost three dollars to play: Pandemic Express.

The concept is simple: get on a train and stay on it as long as possible; the longer you stay on it, the more people join you.The more people on the train, the faster it goes, but there are waves of zombies that will first push you off the train and then kill you. When you die, though, you’ll respawn as a zombie, and you’ll have to stop the train by killing your old teammates, aka the survivors. Now, if you like the concept, you should know that Pandemic Express is a PC-only game, and I don’t really see it coming to consoles.

6. Undefeated

Everyone is welcome to try it out, but undefeated, there is also a PC-only version. I love it in all seriousness, though everyone can play the Superman game for free and without the Superman skin. Yeah, I know the last part sucks, but for a game that was only made by two people, it’s not bad as long as you don’t expect a triple-A quality game; it’s more of a double-D game, but it’s still enjoyable.

7. Genesis

We have Genesis, and I’m not even into MOBA games, but I played a little bit of Genesis on the PS4, and honestly, I had some fun. So if you’re on PC or PS4, go get the game, because it’s not yet available on Xbox One, even though according to the developers It’s coming soon, so keep an eye on it.

8. Paladins

It’s a little older, but it’s definitely worth checking out. So, if you want to play Overwatch but can’t afford it, can’t buy it because you live in a country like mine, or simply don’t want to buy it, Maybe you can afford to buy it, but you don’t want to just play Paladins instead. By the way, it’s not even my kind of game, but for the purpose of this article, I had to try tonnes of free games. and I’ve heard Paladin’s is a lot of fun and easy to learn, plus it supports cross-play. so you can play it with all of your friends, and season 3 just came out, so it’s getting regular updates and all that when speaking of cross-play.

9. My Royale

It’ll most likely be released in early access slash open beta in 2020; it’s a cross between Fallout 4 and World of Warcraft. Plus, there are no buildings, so for those of you who don’t want to play Fortnight because of that, you might want to try out for my Royale. By the way, when you knock someone down, they turn into a chicken for 20 seconds, which I think is hilarious, and that’s why I didn’t even smile while saying the last sentence, but for real, I still think it’s funny.

10. League of Legends

The new League of Legends card game, even though it looks similar to Hearthstone, It’s got different rules, and when you start the game, you get a playable tutorial, plus the game is very accessible. So don’t worry now. Keep in mind that the game is very addicting and really fun to play.

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