Top 10 Best Moments of House of the Dragon Season 1 Explained

So guys first season of House of the Dragon has been ended. And I can guarantee that this amazing series has made the GOT fans forget season 8. Games of Thrones is known for complex characters, captivating story and amazing actors. Where season 8, with it’s short running time and strange creative decision, Faced a critical backlash from the fans. But House of the Dragon is different. Which is based on parts of George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood. Which will lead to Dance With the Dragon. Now that it’s first awesome.

Where we saw dangerous politics of Larys Strong and Otto Hightower, Witnessed amazing acting of Paddy Considine and Matt Smith, And also dangerous wedding and coronation. So let’s look at it’s top 10 moments. Many awesome details regarding House of the Dragon has been discussed in this article, Which you will only understand if you have watched the first season of HOTD. So keeping spoilers in mind, let’s start.

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House of the Dragon Top 10 Moments

10. Heir to Iron Throne

Heir to the Iron Throne

To protect his realm from his impulsive brother Daemon Targaryen, King Viserys chose his daughter Rheanyra Targaryen as his heir to Iron Throne. Who will rule the Westeros after he is gone. This decision alone became the reason to divide the realm into two. Even Rheanyra saw that people of King’s Landing were not ready to see a girl as the ruler of Westeros.

This was the main reason why old King Jaherys Targeryen Despite knowing that Rhaenys is more capable than Jaharys, Left his decision to Great Council to choose his heir, So that the peace in the realm be maintained. But Hand of King Viserys: Otto Hightower who later becomes the enemy of Rhaenyra’s succession. He was the first person to suggest Viserys to make Rhaenyra the heir to Iron Throne.

9. The Crabfeeder

HOTD The Craftfeeder

Myrish Prince Craghas Drahar also known as Crabfeeder, In support of Triarchy means Free Cities of Essos: Lys, Myr and Tyrosh, he built a blockade at Stepstones, Then trade route of lord of Driftmark: Lord Corlys Velaryon gets stucked.

And his Velaryon fleet also get attacked. However when King Viserys in King’s Landing does not pay heed to this incident, Even he denies to marry Lord Corlys’s daughter, Then in despair he goes to Daemon Targeryon and together they fight the Triarchy for 3 years.

But at last with Laenor Velaryon’s plan Daemon gets the soldiers of Triarchy out of their base, And then Velaryon forces and Laenor using Seasmoke dragon defeat the Triarchy forces. Where on the other side, Prince Daemon using his Velaryon sword Dark Sister, kills Prince Drahar.

8. The Betrothal Celebration

The Betrothal Celebration

Alicent Hightower has not done anything for herself, According to his father’s wish, she wed King Viserys. And listening to Viserys she believed Rhaenyra. But when she was doing all this for the sake of people around her by sacrificing her happiness, After knowing that the heir of Iron Throne is doing whatever she wished, Then she realize whom to support. Then wearing a green gown she comes the betrothal ceremony of Laenor and Rhaenyra, By following her wishes for the first time. Like an unofficial war announcement.

Here the lover of Laenor- Joffrey tries to blackmail Ser Criston, But because of this Ser Criston Cole kills Joffrey. In the next episode where Laenor and Rhaenyra are blessed with their third child, Laenor in memory of his old lover, names his son Joffrey. However in the betrothal ceremony Rhaenyra challenges Daemon to carry and take her.

7. Dreamfyre’s Egg

Dreamfyre's Egg

Dreamfyre is a she-dragon whose egg was placed in the cradle of Viserys’s son Baelon, But after Baelon’s death when Viserys choose Rhaenyra his heir, Then angrily Daemon takes the egg with him to Dragonstone. Where Otto goes with a small army to retrieve the egg. But Daemon threatens Otto with his dragon Caraxes. But then Rhaenyra comes on her dragon Syrax.And challenges Daemon to kill her right there and then. But Daemon backs off and without a bloodshed Rhaenyra retrieves the egg. People who don’t know I would like to tell them that Dreamfyre is Helena Targayen’s dragon in this series.

6. The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt

Hand of the king Otto Hightower and his brother Hobert Hightower, Organized a lavish hunting ceremony on the birthday of son of the king. Where he tries his best to give hint to the king that his and Alicent Hightower’s son: Aegon should be made the king. For which Otto suggest to marry his daughter to Aegon, Compares Aegon to Aegon: the First, And lastly at the sight of a white hart, he hints that Aegon is the true king.

Viserys stands still on his decision. However while drunk he talks about the dream of making his son the king with Alicent. However among all this the white hart is seen by Rhaenyra. And in comparison to Viserys pathetic hunt, Rhaenyra actually kills a wild boar with Ser Criston.

5. The First Dance

The First Dance

The whole series is based on Targaryen civil war. Where all this events will lead to Dance of the Dragon, the first glimpse of which we saw in the finale. Where Aemond Targaryen and his dragon Vhagar fights Lucerys Targaryen and his dragon Arrax. At the end Lucerys and Arrax both are killed. Technically war started the moment Aegon was made the king. But the first result of war was seen here.

Where house Black or Rhaenyra’s side Lost her son who was also the heir to Driftmark and also lost a dragon. This can be considered the most shocking event of the whole season. However in the live action series the context is shown differently from the books. In the books Aemond and Lucerys surely fight in Lord Boros’ court, But Borors prohibits them from fighting there, But after Lucerys is gone, he allows Aemond to fight Lucerys outside the court.

Whereas in the series nothing of this sort was shown. Boros stopped the fight in his court and let Lucerys go. In the books Aemond follows Lucerys with the intent to kill, But in the series it was shown that Aemond only wanted to annoy Lucerys not kill him, But when both the dragon don’t listen to their rider’s orders, Then things goes out of the hand and the first dance of dragon is shown.

4. The Death of Vaemond Velaryon

The Death of Vaeemond Velaryaon

Driftmark’s lord Corlys Velaryon brother and commander of Velaryon navy: Vaemond Velaryon, He used to talk the opposite of Daemon in the series. Despite denying he asked Viserys for help, During the funeral of Daemon’s wife and nephew Lady Laena, He was looking at Rhaenyra and calling Laena’s children as true born. But he lost controls over himself when he comes to talk about him becoming the lord of Driftmark, Where he publicly calls Rhaenyra a whore and her sons bastards.

Being the father he draws his Velarian knife, But at that time Daemon husband of Rhaenyra has already cut the head of Vaemond. Viserys was already clear about anyone speaking this will have his tongue cut, But still Vaemond could not control himself, However what happened in the books, this is nothing. When Vaemond calls Rhaenyra a whore, Then Daemon not only cuts his head, But also gives his body to Rhaenyra’s dragon to eat. On top of that when Vaemond’s five cousins repeat this topic, King Viserys gets their tongue cut.

3. The Largest Dragon

House Of The Dragon The Largest dragon

The dragons are the most important part of the war this whole show is all about. Because of dragons Aegon was able to rule Westeros, Because of dragons Targaryens were in power for so long. And because of absence of dragon people challenged them, And they could not stand their ground in Robert’s rebellion. Where everything is about dragons, being the largest dragon in the world is a huge thing. And the dragon is Vhagar, who chose Aemond. People who don’t know I would like to tell them that Vhagar is alive from the time of Aegon’s conquest.

This dragon belonged to sister of Aegon’s sister Visenya, Who helped Aegon to win over Westeros. Where in the House of the Dragon, other dragon’s have only experienced one to two fights, Vhagar has already fought many battles and survived. She is such a big dragon that she can’t be kept in a dragon pit. Because of which she continued to grow. Except Vhagar, Vermithor is the second largest dragon shown in the last episode.

2. Aegon’s Coronation

Aegon's Coronation

Rhaenyra is chosen as the heir of the Iron Throne. And King Viserys stood by his decision until his death. But when his death in series arrives, he speaks about his dream again About which Alicent heard during the hunt.

When she hears Viserys saying “The prince that was promised”, Then she feels like he is talking about his son Aegon. And because of this she decides that Aegon should be made the king. Aegon who did not wanted to be the king, Nor he was compatible to be the king, looking at the crowd support he changes his mind, Plus people of Kingslanding when they see him with Aegon the conqueror’s crown and his sword Black Fire, They get more happy.

However during this incident Rhaenys Targaryen with her dragon Meleys breaks the grand hall and enters And without harming the royal family leaves to inform Rhaenyra about this. However in the series they don’t take much time to declare Aegon as king, But in books nobody touches King Viserys’ dead body for 7 days. Nor anyone is told about this for 7 days.

1. Viserys Walks to the Throne

The Death of Vaeemond Velaryaon

King Viserys was a different kind of king. He always wanted peace in his realm. He mostly listened to his advisers. Respected his guests. And used to stand fast on his decisions. Though Iron Thrones did not completely accepted him Because of this he used to get cuts and bruises. But still he tried his best to maintain peace through his powers. However his realm got divided by his decision. As I told earlier people of the realm were not ready for a queen, But supporting his decision even with his bad physical state, He returned to his throne for his daughter.

This 3 minute sequence was the most powerful scene of the whole series. Where despite being in very bad condition reaches the throne with the help of this brother. That brother who never listened to him. And used to be upset with him time to time. That same brother helps him reach the throne and puts his throne on king’s head.

Paddy Considine should be praised for this. Who played this role so good that the author of this source book: George RR Martin said praising him, Paddy’s Viserys was better than his book’s Viserys. So guys these were the top 10 moments of House of the Dragon. Who had thought the imagination of single person could entertain this many generation, The next season could not be expected before 2024.

Still if we missed any details or you have a new fact about this article. So guys if you want to watch moments or top 10 rankings of any Marvel, DC or GOT characters, I will recommend you our top 10 playlist.

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