Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) APK Download Free

In this article we will share full detail about Indian Battle Royale Game Underworld Gang War (UGW) where to download, pre-register or get updates.

UGW Pre-Register

UGW game is currently available for pre-registration on Play Store or App Store you can pre-register on play store free.

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Underworld Gang War is the first Indian battle royale game for android and ios, this game is developed in india and currently available on Play Store or App Store for Pre-registration.

Jump into the beautiful island of Dhantara set in India where the river Maya divides the heartland into two. Land in the locations inspired by some of the most scenic and popular locations in India. Pick up & fire at your enemies using the weapons with an Indian touch – Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is your Battle Royale rooted in India

Fire from rooftops or wait for your enemies to come to you. Go all guns blazing in hot drops like Racecourse & Slums or go low & slow in areas like Mandi & Stadium. There’s something for every strategist.

The action doesn’t stop there. You can go solo, duo, or pick a squad of 4 and enter the warzone to battle it out for dominance in Dhantara

Gameplay Trailer


Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

Category: Action, Battle Royale, Editor Choice.

Rated For: 16+

Game On: Android, ios APK

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