By: Abrar Khan

10 Big changes of Pixel 8 Pro


Here in this story i shared the 10 things that we know about the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

1. Number one is that Google will provide 5 years of OS and security updates to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 2. The phone extends the night-sight video recording for better video quality in low-light conditions.

Software and Night Sight

3. Three, the phone will have a flat display instead of a curve one.  4. Google will extend the photo magic eraser to audio as well, which will remove the unwanted background sounds from the video.

Flat Display and Magic Eraser

5. Just like the photo deblur, the phone will now have a video deblur to shape the video.  6. The pixel will come in an updated design with rounded corners and a twin camera module.

Video Deblur and Updated Camera Setup

7. The Pixl 8 will have a bigger main camera sensor of nearly 1-inch, directly improving the image quality.  8. It will have a thermometer sensor that measures the body temperature.

Main Camera and Thermometer

9. Pixel will have a bright display up to 1600 nits and a 5Hz–120Hz refresh rate.

Display Brightness

And with number 10, the phone will have faster UFS 4.0, which makes everything faster.

Faster UFS 4.0

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