By: Abrar Khan

10 Reasons Why the Pixel 7 is Better Than the iPhone 14 Pro Max 


Here are 10 reasons why the Google Pixel 7 actually beats the iPhone 14 Pro Max:

1. The Pixel is just smarter, as it can physically call restaurants for you to make reservations.

1. Reservation

It can screen your incoming calls, so you never waste time talking to telemarketers.

2. Incoming Calls

You don't have to wait on hold like a peasant, since the Pixel can do that for you as well.

3. Don't hang Up

The Pixel 7 lets you erase unwanted objects and people from your photos, as if it were some kind of sorcery.

4. Unwanted Object Eraser

You can unblur someone's face in a blurry photo, which is perfect for capturing kids and pets.

5. Face Unblur

You can zoom in on the camera way more, up to 30X, compared to the iPhone's measly 15X.

6. Camera Zoom

The back of the Pixel 7 is curved, making it a lot more comfortable to hold compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

7. Pixel 7 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Design

You can always know what song is playing around you without having to ask your phone, just by looking at your lock screen.

8. Lock Screen

The phone is smart enough to suggest quickly rotating your screen, even when you have portrait lock enabled.

9. Smart Rotation

The Google Pixel 7 is a whopping $200 cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

10. Price

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