By: Abrar Khan

3 Secret Tricks of the Vivo V29

Here I shared 3 secret tricks of the Vivo V29 smartphone that you need to know and use to get better performance.

Vivo made of 1400 manual adjustments to magnetic fields to create the back look; there are 15 million particles per phone! With the angle of each piece, carefully choose to get the right graduation of  light and shadow.

1. Design

The second trick is the aura light, which has a color temperature adjustment with which you can easily take portraits at night in a low-light environment.

2. Aura Light

The Aura Light is like a flash light with the back camera setup, but it has a 9x larger light emitting area, which basically makes a much softer and more diffused light.

The aura light can detect the color temperature of the room you're in and adjust its own color temperature to make your face look clear, soft, and bright.

The third is that the selfie camera is wide enough to fit the entire group in while having 50 MP resolution, so the selfie always looks like the rear setup cameras.

3. Selfie Camera

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