You Naver Seen Tablet Like Lume Pad 2


By: Abrar Khan

In this story, we are showing you a tablet that you have never seen before, like the Lume Pad 2.

This tablet has a 12.4-inch 3D AI display which basically takes any normal 2D image and uses AI to turn it into a 3D image. 

It projects the 3D image forward using a camera to know exactly what angle you're looking from and then always shows you that 3D image from that angle.

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This one thing is leading about the tech; it's actually seeing it in person, and you can feel like you're reaching inside of a 3D model.

Also, with just one tap on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, it uses AI to turn 2D video into 3D video, even those never recorded in 3D.

The Stereoscopic camera system is used to capture the depth information of objects, and you can properly see full 3D on the screen. 

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You can watch 3D movies just like in a cinema without any glasses. Additionally, you can have full 3D video calls which feel like a sci-fi movie scene of talking to each other.

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