5 Amazing things you can do in VR!

Virtual Reality

By: Abrar Khan

Here, we are sharing 5 amazing things you can do in VR 

Experience a VR version of Google Maps that actually lets you fly through a 3D recreation of the real world. 

5. Vr Google Map

Experience roller coasters that are bigger and more fantastical than anything possible in the real world. 

4. ExperienceRoller Coaster

Attend a VR concert because they are filmed on 12k resolution cameras, allowing you to see more than you could at a real-world concert. 

3. Attend VR Concert

Become an athlete in your living room with games like All-in-One Sport VR, one of the six games Pico is giving away for free to anyone who buys a Pico 4 headset. 

2. Become VR Athelete

But the coolest thing is to jump into Pistol Whip and experience a real-life shootout. 

1. Pistol Whip

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