By: Abrar Khan

The 5 Reasons to Wait for Galaxy S24 Ultra


Here are five major reasons to wait for Galaxy S24 Ultra, From Ai to camera and Design.

The S24 Ultra is expected to be an AI powerhouse, offering features from ChatGPD and Google Bard, Such features include the ability to create content based on keywords you input. and the text-to-image generative AI is also expected to be on S24 Ultra.

1. AI Integration

Though the phone is expected to look similar to the S23 Ultra, this time, the phone is going to feature a titanium frame, which is going to be more durable.

2. S24 Ultra Expected Design

The pre-release benchmark score of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the XOS 2400 appears to be great, and we can expect customer chip performance like we saw on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

3. Performance

Samsung is expected to drop the 10x optical zoom, which may seem like a downgrade, but that is expected to be replaced by 5x optical zoom, which is going to be more practical and useful for sure.

4. 10x Optical Zoom

The main camera may come with the same 200 megapixels, but the 5x telephoto lens is expected to be 50 megapixels, which is going to be great, and the night photography and videography are expected to be much better compared to the predecessors.

5. S24 Main Camera

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