5 Reasons Why ROG Ally is Better than Steam Deck!


By: Abrar Khan

Let's Talk why the ROG Ally outshines the Steam Deck. With Windows 11 for seamless compatibility, a diverse games library, superior display, noise reduction, and impressive performance, the Ally emerges as the ultimate gaming choice. 

The Ally comes with Windows 11 out of the box, instead of the Linux-based SteamOS, ensuring compatibility with all your Windows programs.

1. Compatibility 

You have a greater choice of games on the Ally, as it is not hampered by Linux. You can access anti-cheat games, GamePass, and your entire Steam library.

2. Games Library

The ROG Ally features a higher resolution and refresh rate display, with a sharp 1080p 120Hz panel and 500 nits, while the Steam Deck offers only 800p 60Hz at 400 nits.

3. Display

The Steam Deck can get noisy while playing games, whereas the Ally is much quieter.

4. Noise

The ROG Ally features a newer AMD Z1 CPU/GPU Chip with new RDNA 3 technology that can run at 35W, compared to the Steam Deck's 15W, resulting in much better performance!

5. Performance

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