By: Abrar Khan

The 6 BIG Changes on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Here I share the the six biggest changes on iPhone 15 Pro Max. So let's Know! 

First the sides build is being titanium instead of stainless steel, so the iPhone 15 Pro max feels a lot lighter.


Secondly, you can now take 24-megapixel photos with the main camera, and the quality is significantly better than the last generation's 12-megapixel photos.

24-megapixel Camera

The third change is a new action button, which I've mapped to reduce white point. It's super helpful for dimming the phone screen past the regular minimum brightness, especially at night.

Action Button

Fourthly, there's a new five times telephoto lens, allowing you to take crisp photos of things that are much farther away. This can be particularly useful, for example, at concerts.

5x Telephoto Lens

Fifth is the A17 Pro chip boasts a 10% single-core and 20% graphics performance boost, emphasizing efficiency for sustained gaming performance and minimizing past thermal-related power spikes. 

A17 Pro Chip

Lastly, there's a USB-C port, offering a 10-gigabit-per-second transfer speed and That is 20 times faster than the previous lightning port.


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