By: Abrar Khan

6 Crazy Xbox Consoles That Are Actually Real


Here, we have shared a list of 6 crazy-themed Xbox consoles. Let's now see which one is the craziest.

The Stranger Things Xbox comes built into its own retro-style arcade cabinet, complete with a custom screen and controls. Imagine playing Halo on that!

6. Stranger Things Arcade Xbox

Did you know that Gucci also made an Xbox? If it weren't for the Gucci carry case it comes in, it would actually look like a normal Xbox with a vinyl wrap applied to it. A $10,000 vinyl wrap, to be exact.

5. Gucci Xbox Console

The Two-Point Campus Xbox is really cool. Since the game is based in a school environment, they decided to theme the Xbox after a high school locker, complete with hand-drawn graffiti and specks of rust.

4. Two Point Campus Xbox

I actually can't believe this one exists, but behold the Oreo Xbox! It's effectively an Xbox Series S sandwiched between two biscuits.

3. Oreo Xbox Console

Next up is the Doctor Who Xbox. The shape of the Xbox Series X is actually perfect for recreating the time-traveling TARDIS. It even has a working light on the top when you turn it on.

2. Doctor Who Xbox

But none of those are quite as strange as the Baseball Square Xbox. This console is double the size of a normal console.

1. Baseball Square Xbox Console

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