6 Reasons Why S23 Ultra is Better than iPhone 14 Pro Max


By: Abrar Khan

In this story, we have shared 6 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a superior choice to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

The photo is usable from 3x to 30x and maxes out at about 100x, whereas Apple is only usable from 3x to 10x and maxes out at 15x.

1. Zoom

It is the most convenient way to charge your earbuds, smartwatch, or top-up your friend's iPhone.

2. Reverse-Wireless Charging

It is a great addition to your smartphone's toolbelt, helping you sign documents, create floor plans, and even edit images.

3. S-Pen

Power users can utilize the S23 Ultra to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, turning it into a full desktop computer capable of running the full versions of Chrome and MS Office.

4. Dex

Samsung's image processing and the new 200MP sensor result in much sharper photos as well as more highlight detail compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

5. Photo Quality

Despite having a large screen, the S23 Ultra is significantly more comfortable than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, thanks to its rounded frame and lighter body."

6. Comfort

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