6 Stupidest Social Media Challenges 


By: Abrar Khan

Gaining more likes and becoming famous on social media can be challenging, so some individuals resort to mocking their competitors by participating in social media challenges. In this story, we will discuss the six stupidest social media challenges and their impact. 

This challenge involves people replicating the movie by attempting to perform daily tasks while blindfolded, including trying to drive. 

6. Bird Box Challenge

In this challenge, participants risk losing an eyebrow at best. Then we have the Salt and Ice Challenge. 

5. Full Face Wash Challenge

In this challenge, participants cover themselves with salt and ice. The salt reacts with the ice cubes, making it extremely cold. This can result in immense pain or, in extreme cases, frostbite. Then we have another extreme challenge. 

4. Salt and Ice Challenge

In this challenge, people draw designs on their skin using sun cream and then purposely sunburn themselves to reveal the designs. People often forget about the risks of skin cancer in pursuit of social media likes. 

3. Sunburn Art Challenge

Exactly as it sounds, participants go into stores, grab gallon bottles of milk, and smash them on the shop floor. This has resulted in several occasions where people were arrested. 

2. Milk Gallon Smashing

Created to mock other viral social media challenges, some people unfortunately take this challenge seriously. 

2. Pee Your Pants Challenge

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