By: Abrar Khan

An Amazing Movie Recommendation App


If you struggling to pick a movie or TV show to watch, then you've got to try out the super cool app called Whattawatch. 

All you need is tap the search icon, and the app will present a movie or TV show recommendation. You can then tap to see more details about the suggested title or even tap to see a new result. 

But what's really cool is that you can also tap on the pen icon to specify the genre, whether it's a movie or a series, and even specific streaming providers. This will really dial in the sort of content recommended to you.

Powerful Genre Filter

The app itself also has a beautiful design with fantastic animations. It's visually appealing and adds to the overall user experience.

App Design

With Whattawatch, you don't have to waste time endlessly scrolling through lists or getting overwhelmed with choices. The app simplifies the process by curating personalized recommendations based on your preferences. 

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