By: Abrar Khan

Here's How to Download Prince of Persia Lost Crown Free


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown launches on all platforms later this week, and so far the reviews are also good, but before you spend your money on it, here's a tip for you: download the 1-hour free demo.

First, open the PlayStation Store. Here, you can download a free demo for it on the PS5.  Now Press the three little dots more options come and select demo.

How to Donwload

You will now be able to download the roughly 1-hour-long level of Prince of Persia Lost Crown just to make sure you actually like it.

And for the Xbox and other platforms, just go to the Games Store and open the demo or free games section. Here you can find the Prince of Persia Lost Crown to download for free.

Prince of Persia: Lost Crown Free on Xbox

I was hyped for the Lost Crown game when they first announced it, and I played the demo this week. So Prince of Persia Lost Crown launches on January 18th, unless you buy the deluxe edition, and that launches on January 15th.

Launch Date

Now you can pre-order the Prince of Persia Lost Crown for PS5, Xbox X and One, Nintendo Switch and Also on PS4 at price $49 on AMAZON.