Fake $70 Samsung vs Real $1200 Samsung 


By: Abrar Khan

in this story, we are going to know  the fake $70 Samsung vs Real $1200 Samsung phone - Which one actually better value?

$1200 Samsung: In the box, there is the real phone on top, but nothing else inside. The fake $70 Samsung phone definitely has met the package with a slightly stiffer box.


First thing, we have a fake Samsung phone, an Apple charger, a USB cable, and noise-isolating earphones. There is also a stylus, a clear phone case, and a screen protector.

I see that the real one looks slightly cooler, but the $70 phone feels quite nice with a matte finish and rounded corners. It's actually more comfortable to hold, and it has a headphone jack, unlike the real one.


When you first boot up, I can't tell much difference in the quality of the screen.


Both phones have calling, texting, browsing, and a camera. Scrolling around the home page is definitely more responsive on the real phone; it just happens a little quicker.

Both phones are currently the same distance from the same Wi-Fi. The real phone has a speed of 198.8 megabits, while the fake one has 14.6 MBPS.

Internet Speed

Every single lens on the real $1200 phone has a real camera inside, but on the fake one, five out of four are just pieces of plastic! I see that one camera is actually good, but it's not as good as the real $1200 Samsung.


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