By: Abrar Khan


Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs S23 Ultra: Is Folding Phone Pointless?

Is the folding phone pointless? Here are the most interesting differences between the new Z Fold 5 and the S23 Ultra.

One of the most underrated features about the Galaxy Z fold 5 is its modified software. It has a dock at the bottom, which makes switching between apps easier. 

1. Software

You can also split the screen with up to three apps, and some apps have a different layout.

The camera app also takes advantage of the cover screen to let you take selfies with the main cameras, which is cool.

2. Camera App

The Z fold 5's camera Hardware is more comparable to the s23s the ultra has a 10 times zoom and a 200 megapixel main lens which is really detailed.

3. Camera Specs

And you can even use its S Pen as a remote shutter to take pictures, which you actually cannot do with the S Pen that's stored in the default case.

4. Z Fold 5 vs S23 Ultra S-Pen

The fold-more-square aspect ratio is a lot more comfortable for writing longer things; however, this aspect ratio means that when you're just watching a video.

5. Aspect ratio

Galaxy Z Fold 5 is much bigger than on the S23 Ultra but Z Fold 5's big screen can easily fit into my pocket because it folds in half.

6. Size

The Galaxy Z fold costs $50 more than the Ultra and still has a crease, which raises a question.

7. Z Fold 5 vs S23 Ultra Price

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