Google Pixel 6a $400 Phone Mini Review


By: Abrar Khan

In this story, we have the Google Pixel 6a phone. It costs $450. Let's see how good it is.

Inside the box, we get the Pixel 6a, a USB-C type charging cable, a USB-C to A converter, along with the user manual and warranty card.

1. Unboxing

The Pixel 6a is seriously smart. When we set it up next to the expensive Pixel 6 Pro, the Pixel 6a looks pretty similar.

2. Design

In the Pixel 6a, you get a big 6.1-inch screen with thin bezels and an in-screen selfie camera. On the back side, there is the ultrawide camera.

3. Specs

When talking about image quality, it is really good. Photos are sharp, colors are good, and there are even AI cool features that Google introduced, like the Magic Eraser that removes objects from the image.

4. Camera 

When you consider that for just $20 more than the iPhone SE, the Pixel 6a offers double the storage at 128 gigabytes, a battery twice the size at over 4410mAh compared to just 1000, a bigger OLED screen, a better camera system, and a design that doesn't look outdated.

5. Conclusion

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