By: Abrar Khan

Google's Amazing Pixel Fold Phone


When I first saw the Pixel folding by hand, I was amazed at how thin it felt. The external screen is big enough to do everyday things like any regular phone, so it didn't feel like I needed to open the phone just to do something very basic.

So, with a couple of hours of use, most of the things I did on it were in its folded state. It's when I want to watch content or multitask that unfolding the phone just enhances that experience. 


I can watch YouTube videos and read the comments at the same time, or I can open up a second app while looking through my photos. I can pick multiple photos and quickly drag them to my email. 

Also, the benefits of any foldable phone are present, such as being able to place it down on a table to watch videos hands-free, take group photos without asking a stranger, do timelapses, and take good quality selfies with the back camera. 

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