By: Abrar Khan

How to run Any App or Game on Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen


Here we share how you can run run Any App or Game on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen.

First Open the Galaaxy Store App and then download the Good Lock App and open the go the live up section and then make sure multi-window add-in is installed.

Install Good Lock

Now open cover screen settings select widgets and enable the launcher widget and now you can add any app or games  on the galaxy z flip 5 cover screen.

Enable Launcher Widget

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen is such a big deal you have a full keyboard support in any app so you can reply messages leave comments  on social media.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 features

When gaming on cover screen and eopen the full display games automatically resume on full screen. You can Check your news apps or surfing any social media and or even check your smart home sequerty camera

And you can also paly games like call of duty, Genshian impact on the galaxy Z flip 5 giant Cover Screen and it's provided many amazing features.

Gaming on Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

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