By: Abrar Khan

An App That Will change How You Use Your Phone!

Here is an app that has the potential to level up your phone's functionality 10-fold. It's called micro gesture, and it gives a range of gestures or movements to launch a huge number of actions.

For example, I can navigate back by simply twisting my phone. I can also open my recent page by rotating my phone to the side. Furthermore, I can even open up any app of my choosing by tilting my phone backwards.

Navigate by Twist

And then I can set up even more granular gestures. Changing the direction I've moved my phone can result in different actions. Additionally, a softer or firmer gesture will also launch different actions.

Granular Gesture

It's a super powerful app that works really well. It provides a seamless and efficient user experience by enabling intuitive navigation and personalized app access.

With mmicro gesture, you can truly unlock the full potential of your smartphone. Experience a new level of control and convenience as you effortlessly perform a multitude of actions with natural and instinctive gestures.

2. Apparition

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