Most Futuristic Monitor - LG OLED Flex TV 


By: Abrar Khan

In this story, we have the most futuristic monitor on the planet, the LG OLED Flex TV. It is a 42-inch 4K screen that can bend itself.

The LG OLED Flex is able to bend with the monitor's back flexing arms back and forth from fully flat, all the way to a 900r curve.

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It combines with a 40 Watt speaker system and diffusion lighting effect on the back, making it feel like something out of a sci-fi movie.

At 100% curve, the edges of the screen are roughly 4.5 inches out from the center, and you can control how curved it goes.

Everything on here looks absolutely amazing. It's OLED, which means you get perfect blacks, nearly perfect colors, and high dynamic range.

It has a 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. Of course, at $3000, it is expensive. 

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But if you want the best of the best and the coolest monitor or TV, the LG OLED Flex is worth it. 

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