By: Abrar Khan

Most Powerful Gaming Handheld


Here we have the Asus Rog Ally and the most powerful handheld that I have ever experienced. Let's know what i's offer!

Rog Alyy has shoulder buttons, trigger buttons and even extra buttons on the back, RGB on the thumb sticks.

Buttons and Triggers

It features USB-C port, dedicated volume controls, you got your power switch and the expandable storage via microSD and a dedicated analog audio jack.

Ports and Connectivity

The best thing about Rog Ally is full on Windows 11 operating system, meaning you can do anything that you do on PC, Whether it's steam, Xbox, EA.

Windows 11

You've also got two stereo speakers, the port on the top has eight PCI Express Lanes for massive throughput when being used with an external GPU.

Speker and External GPU Support

So whether you want to play on the go, on the couch, or if you want to dock it up on a bigger display with an external keyboard mouse or controller it is the Rog Ally.

Dock on Bigger Display

The extreme version of Asus ROG Ally 7-inch FHD IPS display, AMD Ryzen R1 Extreme, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, starts at $739, so if you want to do high peformance gaming on the go this one is to go.

Asus ROG Ally Price

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