Pixy: Snapchat's Tiny Drone


By: Abrar Khan

In this story, we have Pixy, Snapchat's tiny drone - a small camera drone that can literally fit in your pocket.

There is no physical controller for Pixy, as it is completely driven by AI. It can be flown by AI and can be landed and taken off from the palm of your hand.


Pixy has a 2.7K camera built into it, with four different modes that you can choose from.


The Hover mode keeps the camera centered on you while you move around, and the Reveal mode slowly flies the drone backwards, revealing what's in the frame.

Hover and reveal Mode

The Follow mode follows you around, although it can run into things, and the Orbit mode does a full 360 circle around you, taking your Snapchat game to the next level.

Follow and Orbit Mode

Despite its relatively low price point of $230, Pixy is limited to use with Snapchat only, and the results don't lie. Unfortunately, Snapchat has discontinued the Pixy drone just four months after launching it."


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