By: Abrar Khan

Powerful App that Unlocks Hidden Features of Your Android Phone 


The System UI Tuner is a powerful tool that offers various customization options for your phone's status bar and system sounds. The App provide feature to personalize your screen according to your preferences.

System UI Tuner APP

With the System UI Tuner, you can selectively hide icons in your phone's status bar. This feature gives you the flexibility to choose which icons appear, allowing  for a cleaner user interface.

1. Icon Visibility Control

Another handy feature provided by the System UI Tuner is the ability to disable the system's safe audio warning. Additionally, you can customize UI system sounds, enabling you to personalize the auditory experience on your device.

2. Audio Warning and System Sounds

The System UI Tuner also offers options to set custom device lock timeout durations. This allows you to adjust the duration after which your device locks itself automatically. Furthermore, you can specify which radios should be disabled when toggling the system's airplane mode.

3. Device Lock Timeout and Airplane Mode

The System UI Tuner App provides a wide range of other tweaks and customization options. And Important to note that the app requires ADB permissions to be granted, and certain tweaks may only work on specific devices.

4. Additional Features and Compatibility

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