By: Abrar Khan

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra VS Tab S9 Fe: Which One Win? 


Here we done the quick compared Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 ultra VS Tab S9 Fe, in design, s-pen, performance, display and price, to decide which in is best for you. 

The Tab S9 Fe has normal tablet proportions but the Tab  S9 Ultra is completely insane, it's super thin and extremely wide it feels almost like I ripped off a laptop screen.

1. Design

Both tablets come with an S Pen that's color matched and while the Tab S9 Ultra comes in graphite and beige the Tab S9 Fe actually has a lavender option that is cute mint color.

2. S-Pen

The Tab S9 Ultra has Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Galaxy Tab S9 Fe octa-core Exynos 1380 which is slower but outside of games it's not that noticeable.

3. Performance

As far the display, Galaxy Tab S9 Fe has a 90Hz LCD display that's impressive for its price but it's no match for the Tab S9 ultra 120hz OLED screen which is very bright.

4. Display

the Tab S9 Fe boasts 8000mAh and the Tab S9 ultra 11,200mAh battery, so you will definately notice the lower battery time performance on Tab S9 Fe.

5. Battery

So, as for Budget users, The Galaxy Tab S9 FE starts at $400 and goes up to $1200. In that price range, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE delivers really cool performance and overall features.

6. Price