By: Abrar Khan

Tesla $300 Wireless Charging Platform is Amazing!


In this story we've The Tesla wireless charging platform, it is the most advanced wireless charger that I have ever seen. So let's dive in.

Inside the box, we have the platform itself with an integrated USB-C cable. There is also a solid metal detachable magnetic stand and a 65-watt power adapter that resembles a Cybertruck.


What makes this charging platform special, though, is that you can set your phone down anywhere you want on the platform. And you can charge up to three devices at the same time. Each charging output is up to 15 watts. 

Devices Support

Now, the technology to make all this work is pretty wild. Instead of using a single charging coil like most wireless chargers, the Tesla wireless charger has an entire array of them underneath.

Charging Coil

The build quality is impressive, with a heavy metal construction. The detachable stand allows you to prop it up if you want, with cable management built-in. 

Build Quality

The Alcantara material on the mats adds a luxurious feel. But at $300, it better deliver on its promises.


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