The 10 Top Action Third Person Games


By: Abrar Khan

Looking for a third person video game with some over-the-top action and gameplay. well look no further than these beloved games that straight up get wild.


Vanquish is an absolute freaking treat dude, if you've never played it but you're into what Platinum Games generally does you should check it out.


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This series is totally responsible for pioneering the concept of climbing out of a car standing on the hood of it.

Just Cause Series

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It truly feels like this epic Gothic adventure and has tons of memorable moments right up until the end. it's definitely not the best action game inspired by God of War.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


Bayonetta three that gives you bigger environments massive summons and just more General celebration of all the craziness.

Bayonetta Series

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This third person action game is focused on pretty intense and challenging combat as cyborg ninja Ryden.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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If you like a good old-fashioned third person shooter like a Max Payne this one is for you it's Max Payne but way crazier.

Strangle Hold

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It is you as a small Defender a small army man fighting off against forces invading Earth aliens from outer space.

Earth Defence Force Series

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Devil May Cry 5 right from the high flying opening credits where the main character is flying around a van in slow motion hopping around that should just set the stage for how crazy .

Devil May Cry 5


Recent God of War Ragnarok if you're still playing of course we won't spoil it for you, but it definitely delivers on over-the-top action.

God of War Ragnarok


Asura's Wrath is absolutely crazy for over-the-top Action we haven't seen anything like it since I would really like to see a sequel just because there's nothing else.

Asura's Wrath 3

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