The Apple Vision Pro AR Headset is Insane 🤯


By: Abrar Khan

Apple is saying that its new mixed reality headset is the most advanced personal electronics device ever. Lets Know why apple claiming this?

The Vision Pro features a premium material for the strap, a metal body, and curved glass around the front, giving it a transparent appearance.


This is achieved through an outer screen that displays the eye-tracking cameras on the inside. 


You can control the Vision Pro by simply looking at what you want and then using finger gestures to tap or scroll.


The headset is equipped with over 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. The R1 chip processes the sensor data, while the M2 handles everything else, including the super sharp screens with over 23 million pixels.


The dual-pod speakers with spatial audio provide a movie theater experience right in your living room.

Spatial Speaker

Vision OS works seamlessly with millions of iPhone and iPad apps. It can also expand the screen size of your Mac and even supports iMessage and FaceTime, utilizing the 3D cameras on the front that can create a digital persona.


Apple Vision Pro will cost $3,500 and won't be accessible until the beginning of next year.

Price and Launch Date

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