By: Abrar Khan

Nothing Phone 1 is Mind-Blowing


The Nothing Phone 1 is mind-blowing smartphone, and here's why.

The Nothing Phone 1 has a fully transparent back that has an array of LEDs underneath it. And the leds aren't just there to look at, they also have some functionality to them. 

Back Glyph Leds

One of the best features is that when you get a call or message, the leds can light up in sync with the ringtone.  

And more useful than the ringtone is the flip-to-glyph feature, where if you set the phone down on a table, it'll automatically set the ringer to silent.

Flip to Glyph Feature

The leds also let you know when reverse wireless charging is working, and the bottom led can act as a little charge metre.

Reverse Charging Indication

In the camera app, the back LEDs act as a flash light and then a little red light to let other people know when you're recording a video.


My favorite part of the whole glyph thing is the music visualization feature, Where any Audio coming out of the speakers will have an accompanying light show.

Music Visualization

The design of Nothing Phone 1 looks like an iPhone, but on the back, it just looks so much better than any other phone on the market.


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