By: Abrar Khan

Top 5 Features of IOS 17 Beta 5

iOS 17 Beta 5 has been out for a few days, along with public beta 3. And here are the top 5 features.

When you bring two Apple devices together to airdrop, you can find a new animation sound.

Airdrop Animation Sound

The second feature is name drop. If you are using name drop, you can find a new share button.

Name Drop New Share Button

If you are using shazam and you're lestning song there's a new animation which is pops into the screen and looks little bit different from previous.

Shazam Animation 

In shortcuts under automations, if you create an automation that's based on where you're actually located, you now have the option to turn off the confirmation so it will just run immediately.


in the iPhone's accessibility settings, there are other updated icons for voice control and assistive access. To see the rest of the changes in iOS 17 beta 5, visit our website

New Updated Icons

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