By: Abrar Khan

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tips You Should Know!


Here, we have shared the top 5 tips for Samsung Galaxy phones that you need to know to enhance your experience.

Go to your quick settings panel, locate your flash, tap and hold on it. When you turn it on, you can adjust the brightness to make it dimmer or brighter.

1. Flash Brightness Control

In case of an accident requiring emergency help, tap the power button five times. It will activate emergency SOS and dial 911 for you.

2. Emergency SOS

If you often make typing mistakes on your Samsung keyboard, go to the keyboard settings, navigate to more typing options, and enable enhanced accuracy. This feature uses magic to reduce typing errors on your Samsung keyboard.

3. Enhanced Keyboard Accuracy

If you frequently record videos on your Samsung Galaxy phone, open your camera app, go to settings, and enable tracking autofocus. This option allows you to select a specific subject, and the camera will stay focused on that subject.

4. Auto Tracking & Auto Focus

To quickly jot down and remember something for later, use your S Pen to write on your screen. Instead of saving it in your Samsung Notes app, tap on the pin icon.

5. Notes Pin

This will pin the note to your always-on display, serving as a constant reminder whenever you check your phone.

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