By: Abrar Khan

Top Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumors


Here we talk about top 5 things we know about the Galaxy S24 Ultra so far.

The Periscope zoom camera takes excellent photos at its native Zoom levels, which is 10x but anything below that it shifts to digital Zoom so the quality drops.

1. Continuos Zoom Cameera

The Galaxy S24 for all trouble counter it by borrowing Tech from high-end cameras by actually moving the lens throughout meaning that images will be crossed but every focal length. 

Since the continued zoom camera on the  S24 Ultra can take Crisp Images at all Zoom levels there's no need for that second 3x telephoto camera so same thing is getting rid of it on the s24 ultra.

2. One Less Camera

the Exynos chip is making a comeback so it means we'll get the dual SOC split between Snapdragon and Exynos again with the S24.

3. Exynos Chip

Samsung has upgraded the ram to 16 gigs on the Galaxy S24 ultra and to 12 gigabytes on the S24n plus.

4. Ram Upgrade

Lekaed Galaxy S24 Geekbench scores of prototype units of both exynos and Snapdragon chips reveal huge improvements in performance.

5. Xynos 2400 Leaked Benchmark

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