Vivo X90 Pro One of the Smartest Phone Ever!


By: Abrar Khan

Here we have the Vivo X90 Pro, one of the smartest phones ever! And here we are sharing the five reasons why vivo x90 pro is the smartest phone ever!

Changing your wallpaper will tweak your icons, widgets, and entire user interface.

#5. Changing Wallpaper

ust by holding down the volume button, it can instantly perform an action of your choice, like voice recording.

#4. Quick Action

The Vivo X90 Pro makes you look good, not just the camera. It applies a tasteful amount of beautification, and you can even apply this beautification during your video calls.

#3. Beautification

 When you turn it on, it listens to every bit of audio that comes out of your phone and uses AI to make it sharper and more defined.

#2. Super Audio Resolution 

In addition to the default swipe to go home or swipe to go back, you can do all sorts of fun stuff like swiping with three fingers to open up a second app at the same time or swiping down with three fingers to take a screenshot.

#1. Advanced Gestures

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