By: Abrar Khan

What is Rabbit R1? and Why it's Getting Attentions


This adorable, incredible device caught everyone attention at CES 2024, and it's truly a game-changer. The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered marvel, designed not to replace your smartphone but to serve as a compact, personal AI assistant with a size reminiscent of a Post-It note.

The Rabbit R1 offers a multitude of functions that can learn and act. You can effortlessly control your music, send messages, conduct online shopping, book a table, call an Uber, and even ask it questions.

What sets rabbit R1 apart is its unique interface—instead of navigating through traditional apps, Rabbit R1 operates through a set of cards categorized for different tasks.

Image: Rabbit Inc

All you need to do is press the push-to-talk button, provide your command, and watch as Rabbit R1, through its automated scripts known as rabbits, swiftly carries out your orders.

Image: Rabbit Inc

One of the standout features of Rabbit R1 is its integrated 360-degree rotating camera, perfect for capturing photos and videos. 

Image: Rabbit Inc

Rabbit R1 is collaboratively designed with the renowned Swedish firm Teenage Engineering, this gadget not only performs exceptionally but also boasts a sleek and appealing aesthetic.

Image: Rabbit Inc

And the best part its the price, At just $199, Rabbit R1 offers a cost-effective solution without any subscription fees.