By: Abrar Khan

Why The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is Better Than The iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the best tablet in the market, but it might not for Android lover. Here's why the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is better than The  12.9 inch iPad Pro.

First reason is the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra's storage that can be expandable by a microSD card, which is something that we don't see often anymore in tablets.


The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has a bigger 14.6-inch display, and it technically has an overall smaller  design Form factor unless we're talking about the link.


Another good reason is that Samsung includes the S-Pen in the box, whereas you have to buy Apple pencils separately.


So Since you save some money not having to buy the pen, you can put that towards the keyboard cover,

Keyboard Cover

because whenever you dock the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra into the Samsung keyboard cover, it automatically loads Dex, giving you a more desktop-like environment to work in. 

And the last reason is the fact that the Tab S9 Ultra is water resistant; you can actually swim with this thing and it's going to be okay.

Water Resistance

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