By: Abrar Khan

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Mini review


The Galaxy S24 Plus is the ultra alternative in the middle of this flagship trio. here's a mini review of Galaxy S24 plus. 

It is prime build, not titanium like the Ultra, but the armor aluminum frame feels pretty tough. You got the Gorilla Glass victus 2 up front. 


The S24 Plus is powered by Samsung's own Xynos 2400, offering push features like ray tracing support for games and a barrel of AI-related shenanigans.


You get real-time transcription and translation and easy image searches; just draw a ring around whatever, and the Galaxy will return some Google info. 

AI features

The S24 Plus has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and is now a super-sharp Quad HD panel. Video looks way sharper and brighter.


You got the same 50 MP main camera as the regular S24 Plus, 10 MP telephoto, and 12 MP ultra-wide lenses, and again, they have Ai for better night results and impressively easy editing.


The 256Gb Storage S24 Plus start at price $999 and you can now buy it at amazon.