By: Abrar Khan

Legion Go A Best Handheld Console for PC Gamers 


Here we have Legion Go pc gaming handheld from Lenovo and it's one of the most capable handheld gaming devices on the market right now.

Lenovo Legion Go got a large 8.8-inch vibrant touch-screen display with a native resolution of 2.5k and a maximum 144Hz refresh rate.

1. Display

This Lenovo Handheld runs on Windows 11 and boasts amd's ryzen 7 7840U processor which means it's great for gaming.

2. Operating System and Processor

It has a fairly large console that has an detachable controller design for more versatility.

3. Switch Style Controls

With detachable controls, you can connect the console with TV or gaming monitor and then deattach controls to play freely on big screens.

The Lenovo Legion Go starts at price $699 and it's the perfect gift for a gamer that's looking to either get into PC gaming or bring their PC Library around in a smaller device.

5. Price