By: Abrar Khan

6 Reasons Why Xbox Elite 2 is Better than DualSense Edge


One the charging case, they both come with travel cases but the Xbox only 2 snaps into place using magnets and charges wirelessly.

1. Charging

While the Dual sense Edge only has a velcro tab to plug the cable into the controller which feels quite cheap.

Two, the back buttons the Xbox Elite 2 comes with four as opposed to just two on the DualSense Edge.

2. Back Buttons

Three a premium build quality the DualSense Edge is made entirely out of plastic, whereas the Elite 2 uses metal soft and textured rubber across the entire controller for a premium weight and feel.

3. Premium Build

And same applies to the joysticks which are metal and attached magnetically on the Xbox, but compared to these super cheap plasticky ones on the DualSense Edge.

Four, Adjustable sticks the Elite 2 lets you adjust the tension of the sticks whereas the DualSense Edge like this entirely.

4. Adjustable Sticks

Five, The battery life the Xbox Elite 2 is rated at 40 hours compared to just four to five on the DualSense Edge.

5. Battery Performance

And Six, it is cheaper at $165 compared to $199 for the DualSense Edge controller.

6. Price