Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 Review: Budget TKL?

The Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 TKL mechanical gaming keyboard has wired USB 2.4 and Bluetooth. It has a leaf spring gasket structure and a 4000mAh battery with full RGB backlight with music rhythm sync and 19 sets of lightning effects. It also supports both Mac and Windows connectivity.

I’ve been using the Galaxy80 Mechanical Wireless keyboard for a week now, and here I share what’s good and bad about it we not deep more as a technical expert but we discuss as a user, and is it really worth it? And should you buy it or not?


  • Structure: Leaf-spring Gasket-mounted Structure
  • Number of Keys: 88 keys
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, USB-C Wired
  • Hot Swappable: 3/5 pins switches
  • Keycaps: MDA Profile Double Shot PBT
  • Backlight: RGB Backlight with Music Rhythm Sync
  • Battery: 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Build: Aluminum Alloy shell
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, to 11, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS

What’s In the Box

Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 Unboxing

So in the box, first we get the user manual, which has the setup process and other details, and then we have the Galaxy80 mechanical keyboard itself, which is covered with a transparent plastic cover. Then, in another small slim box, we get the USB 2.4G receiver and the USB-C to A cable for charging and wired connection. And also, we get a keycap puller, so you can pull out easily, and an extra two keys if anyone gets damage do have to change them. That’s all we get in the box, and all things come with good packaging.

Design and Build Quality

Back Design

The Galaxy80 build quality is solid. It is made of a full aluminum alloy shell and weighs 1710g. If you take it in your hand, you really feel the weight. As its name suggests, the design features galaxy art on the back of the keyboard and star badged on the USB 2.4G receiver dock cover.

You have five different color combination options: white/marble white switch, black/marble white switch, blue/marble white switch, pink/marble white switch, and the purple/white marble switch that we have in this review.

ports and buttons

On the front of the keyboard, you have two buttons: one for turning on a wireless connectivity, and the second for switching between Mac and Windows. And between both buttons, you have USB-C ports for charging and wired connectivity.

Overall, I like the design because it features two color combinations and looks beautiful on the desk, whatever color you choose.

Keys and RGB Backlights

Keys Design

As far as key design goes, each model comes with a matching set of keycaps. We have two colors: white for Set A and purple for Set B, with a total of 88 keys, and hot swappable compatible with 3/5 pin switches.

RGB Indicator and USB 2.4gh dock with Galaxy Star art cover

There is an RGB LED underneath the navigation and editing cluster, which shows the mode of RGB effects. As far as the backlight RGB colors go, you have Colorful, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, and 19 lightning effects.
And it’s also got music sync support, so the RGB light syncs with your music or gaming sessions, creating an immersive experience.


The TKL compact layout and the leaf-spring gasket structure provide amazing features, and smaller footprints make it a perfect fit for any desks and setups with all functionalities. 

If you are wondering how it sounds, below I shared the sound of keys, and I love the sound of keys.

Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 Key Typing Sound

It’s a budget wireless mechanical keyboard that provides everything you need with a beautiful minimal design and premium aluminum alloy shell build quality.

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Setup and Connectivity

So when you open the Galaxy80, you don’t have to first install the keys and other things; it’s already pre-installed and ready to use. As you have three modes of connections, you can connect with your Windows or Mac via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and the wired USB-C to USB-A.

I tested all these three pairing features and they work amazing. First, I tested the Bluetooth connection, which works great. Just turn on the keyboard and then press the FN+Q/W/E keys for Bluetooth mode. Once you enter Bluetooth mode, you can find the Galaxy80 in your Mac or Windows Bluetooth settings. Just hit connect, once it connected the blue, green, red indicator light will flash quickly and now you’re ready to type.

The Bluetooth works great without even any delay in typing, even when I just tap on a key with a little slide style and type another one with the one that I tap. So Bluetooth connectivity works responsively and is good for working, but if you’re doing gaming, I recommend wired connections or using 2.4G wireless connections.

For the wireless connection, insert the 2.4G receiver into your laptop or PC and then turn the side switch of the keyboard to wireless connection mode to connect and use it without a drive.

Press FN+R to enter 2.4G mode, then press the FN+R combination key for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. After inserting the receiver, the indicator light will flash quickly.

Battery and Charging


EPOMAKER x Feker Galaxy80 has a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and I tested it in Bluetooth mode; it’s stood out for 2 hours with the RGB backlight on. And yes, if you compromise the RGB lights, then you get two more hours of battery life.

When it fully drains, you can charge it in any wireless connection mode by using a USB-C port. I tested the charging speed, and it got fully charged at 100% in under 30 to 40 minutes.

Overall, it does have a good battery backup, but if you run multiple RGB lights, you get a little bit less performance.

Final Thought

So is the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 worth the $105?

Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 Budget Wireless Mechanical Keyboard TKL

Yes, it’s worth the price. It features a beautiful compact design, a leaf-spring gasket-mounted structure, Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless connection, and USB-C wired support. And the Hot Swappable keys, MDA profile Double Shot PBT Keycaps, and RGB Backlight with Music Rhythm Sync support. The aluminum alloy shell premium build quality with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery all in one wireless mechanical keyboard at the price of $105.

The one thing is that I notice it’s a little bit heavy and the battery life is shorter than expected, but considering the price point, you really love it. I’ve been using it for one and a half weeks, and my experience has been amazing working with the Galaxy80. It really stands out as a budget-premium wireless mechanical keyboard.

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