By: Abrar Khan

3 Amazing Tips to Improve Your iPhone Experience


Here I shared the 3 amazing tips that can improve your iPhone experience and make it more enjoyable.

First, open Settings, and now click on Sound & Haptics. Here you can find out keyboard feedback. By default, it is set to None, so make sure to turn the sound and Haptic on.

1. Turn Keyboard Feedback

Now, when you type anything, you get haptic feedback and the keyboard sound.

In the Settings, find the Accessibility option and then click on it. Now you find out the touch options and then click on them.

2. Change the Haptic touch

Now another page open, here you have haptic touch, setting the haptic touch by default to fast, now selecting slow and back, and turning on the vibrations.

In the settings, click on Audio and Visual. Here you have the Power on and Off Sound options, and turn it on. So when you power off and on, you get the sound.

3. Power On and Off Sounds

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