AirPods 3 Review A Year Later

AirPods are the most popular earphones in the world. By popularity, I’ve had a pair of the first-generation AirPods 3 and used them so much that the battery wouldn’t last more than one or two hours on the left one. Currently, I’m using the AirPods Pro as my daily drivers for just about everything. Compared to the competition, AirPods have never been touted as the best at anything. However, what draws me in is the minimal simplicity of them. They just work for me, at least.

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AirPods 3 Review A Year Later
AirPods 3 Review A Year Later

Taking a closer look, they resemble the AirPods Pro but with shorter stems and no silicone tips. Trying them on, they are actually super comfortable to wear. I am one of those lucky people for whom all earphones seem to fit my ears without falling out.


Apple mentioned that they redesigned these to be the best fit for all users. While they fit me just fine, the left one slips out often for my wife rather easily. A new feature in the third generation is the use of pressure-sensitive controls, similar to the AirPods Pro. It gives a nice little click when you press it, unlike the tapping used in the first and second generations. Siri works just as well as before.


Talking about the case, it’s like the first and second generations had a love child with the AirPods Pro case. It’s a bit shorter but also a bit fatter, which makes it perfect for those tiny jean pockets. Two new features of the case are that it’s now water-resistant and has MagSafe charging. Not that you’d ever want to get them wet, but at least you know you’re safe in the rain or if there are light splashes. Apple kindly and quietly updated the AirPods Pro case with MagSafe, so lucky those who decided to pick up a new pair of those. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have it. I feel like Apple missed a good opportunity to have reverse wireless MagSafe charging. It would have fit so well; it’s just odd that they didn’t add it.

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Now when it comes to sound honestly, i was a bit surprised perhaps it’s in my head but the sound was better than my airpods pro. if i were to really summarize it they sound more full if that makes sense, i’m no audiophile but i was still surprised not sure if the better sound is enough to make me switch from my pros just a slave to the active noise cancellation.


Comparing them to my airpods pro they have all the same features except active noise cancellation. The new spatial audio feature is awesome some folks hate it but honestly it works well for me. if you’ve ever tried the dolby atmos content on apple music it’s highly inconsistent i just keep it turned off really it feels a little gimmicky right.


if you have airpods pro should you switch probably not since these are missing active noise cancellation, i wouldn’t really use these daily. but my wife says she loves them she recently had to use her gen ones as a backup and she was shocked to hear the difference. my overall impressions for this product are great, to be honest they simply work especially if you’re already in the apple ecosystem the automatic device switching and pairing is just unmatched.

I rarely leave the house without mine for those who want a simple audio solution to pair across many devices any airpods will do you can grab the gen 2s the airpods pro or the new gen 3s. Honestly airpods 3 are just a joy to use in general having the latest and greatest only really matters if you’re comparing it to something else. if you’ve never had air pods before just snag a pair there’s always beauty in simplicity.

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