Beats Fit Pro Buds Review: Are They Worth the $208?

Beats Fit Pro is a premium pair of true wireless earbuds priced at $208, making them one of the higher-end options in the earbuds market.


Beats Fit Pro Buds Design

The Beats Fit Pro Buds come in black, white, and sage green. Inside the box, you’ll find three sizes of ear tips to help you find the perfect fit. Putting them in is easy just twist them to lock them in place. They’re great for active people, with a flexible wingtip to keep them secure during exercise. However, some users might find the wingtips uncomfortable for long periods, leading to ear fatigue.

Beats Fit Pro is reliable. There might be occasional connection issues, but they’re rare. Pairing with devices is smooth, and the connection stays strong even in busy places.


The Beats Fit Pro offers premium features expected from top-notch wireless earbuds. Instead of touch-sensitive controls, they have easy-to-use physical buttons. A single tap pauses the music, and another tap resumes it. Double-tapping skips to the next track, while triple-tapping goes back. However, the Beats app for Android doesn’t let you customize the controls, which limits their use. But you can control long presses, toggling between ANC, transparency modes, or summoning your phone assistant. iPhone users can enjoy hands-free Hey Siri support.

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Audio Quality

Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Audio Quality

The audio quality of the Beats Fit Pro is commendable. The earbuds deliver a balanced sound, with a slightly emphasized bass, which is common in this price range. The overall audio experience is solid, making it suitable for various music genres. However, the earbuds may not capture all the finer details in more complex tracks, such as jazz or metal. The vocals come through crisp and clear, making them ideal for audiobooks, podcasts, and spoken-word content. iPhone users can enjoy the additional benefit of special audio features in supported content.


The active noise cancellation (ANC) feature on the Beats Fit Pro Buds is effective, although it may not match the performance of top competitors like Sony. In moderately noisy environments, such as busy streets, most surrounding sounds are comfortably blocked out, allowing for an immersive listening experience. The quality of ANC depends on the fit of the earbuds, so it’s crucial to use the right size of ear tips for optimal results. Additionally, the transparency mode, accessible through a long press, utilizes built-in microphones to provide awareness of the surrounding environment.

Call Quality

The built-in microphones in the Beats Fit Pro are intended to capture the user’s voice while reducing background noise. However, their performance is underwhelming, as they struggle to drown out ambient noise during phone calls. This can be problematic when making calls in noisy environments, compromising call quality. Users should avoid making calls in crowded areas for a better experience.

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Battery Life

Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Case

In terms of battery life, the Fit Pro gives you a full 6 hours of playtime with active noise cancellation on when fully charged. Without ANC, you’ll get an extra 1 or 2 hours.

In my testing, they usually lasted around six and a half hours, sometimes a bit more. When they’re drained or you want to store them, you’ve got the Beats Fit Pro case that matches your buds’ color. Like most premium wireless earbuds, they support fast charging. Just five to ten minutes in the case gives you about an hour of use, even with ANC on.

Although the case is large, it provides about three full recharges before needing its own recharge via a Type-C USB cable. Unfortunately, the Beats Fit Pro doesn’t support wireless charging, which is disappointing considering many premium rivals and even some cheaper true wireless earbuds offer it.


The Beats Fit Pro is a high-quality pair of wireless earbuds with strong audio and effective noise cancellation. While the design ensures a secure fit, some users might experience ear fatigue. The physical controls are easy to use, but you can’t customize them much. Sound quality is good, with a balanced sound, though it might miss some details in complex tracks. The noise cancellation works well but might not be as good as other top brands. The microphone isn’t great at blocking background noise during calls. Battery life is decent, and the case adds extra hours.

At $208, the Beats Fit Pro offers a solid deal, especially for those who care about sound and noise cancellation. But if you need better mic performance or more control customization, you might want to look at other options.

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