EarFun Air Pro 3 Review: Budget Wireless Earbuds

Reviewing the EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds, they have Qualcomm aptX adaptive audio technology with hybrid noise cancellation, and after using them for a week as my primary earbuds, here I share my thoughts about their design, comfort, pairing, ANC, audio quality, and battery life. And sharing is it worth $79 or not?

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Inside the Earfun Air Pro 3 Box

Inside the Earfun Air Pro 3 Earbuds, we get the buds themselves and a USB Type-C charging cable. 3 pairs of ear tips and an 18-month warranty replacement with some user manual documents

Design and Comfort

Earfun Air Pro ANC Earbuds Design

As for the Earfun Air Pro 3 design, we have navy blue; it is also available in black. The size is quite small and quite slaperry, and it does not allow us to feel like we have kept anything in our ears for a long time. In the buds, an LED light can be seen that tells whether the earbuds are paired or not. If we talk about comfort, initially, when I put them in my ears, I had a little problem fitting them. Then I changed the ear tips that we get in the box.

When I replaced the ear tips and then put them back in my ear, it felt quite good, and I enjoyed music for 3 to 4 hours without any ear headache or problem. So the design and build quality are good; you don’t get any ear pain or something like that. The Earfun Air Pro also comes with IPX5 water and sweat resistance, so when doing gym work or working hard and getting some sweat or even walking in a little bit of a rainy environment, you don’t get any issues enjoying the music.

Pairing and Connectivity

So as for pairing, you can simply pair it by opening the buds case lid, turning on the Android or iOS Bluetooth option, and then selecting the Earfun Air Pro 3 buds in the setting menu. Job done; the buds are connected. And as for connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.3. I just connected it and played the music, set my phone on my working table, and then went for something approx. 20 feet long to work, and I wouldn’t say I got any jitters or input lag. One thing I notice is that when I stay with my device and am setting it in front of a table fan and enjoying the music, the song plays with a little bit of jitter. I think this issue is caused by the winds; otherwise, you get good connectivity.

Touch Controls and App

Earfun Audio App Features

On the buds, you get a little round touch control; on the left side, you can tap once for volume down, tap twice to pause or play, a triple tap for the previous track, and a long press for switching between noise canceling and ambient to normal mode. As for the right side, bud Tap once for volume up, tap twice to pause and play, a triple tap for the next music track, and a long press for voice assistance. You can customize these touch controls by installing the earfun audio app from the Play Store or App Store.

You need to just open the Earfun Audio app and then select the buds that you have. Then you can find On the top side of the case, charging percentage and left and right buds battery percentage You can switch between noise canceling, ambient mode, and normal, and you can also turn on the game mode to enjoy gaming with low latency. In the equalizer, we find 10 audio profiles: rock, base boost, pop, treble boost, bass reducer, and more. We can also set the equalizer to match our own mood.

Audio Quality

Earfun Air Pro ANC TWS Earbuds Audio Quality

So as for the audio quality, I would say amazing because I tested other wireless earbuds in the past couple of months but didn’t get this type of sound quality. The Earfun Air Pro 3 delivers a good base and mids, and when rocking with pop songs and the volume is up, I don’t notice any sound blasting; it’s good. You can enjoy the music at the top volume without any ear fatigue that I notice with some OnePlus buds or Huawie freebuds.

ANC and Voice Assistance

As for the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on these Air Pro 3 buds in the traffic place where people are doing transportation work, when I played the music with ANC Mode, the traffic voice did not come to my ears; I only heard a little bit of noise from people working behind me damping the noise works great. So when you’re enjoying the music and need to hear what’s going on behind you, you can hear it a little bit, and you can also change ANC to ambient mode to get volume control and hear more comfortably what’s going on. One thing that I notice when I pull out the buds out of my ears is that the music can’t pause when this feature is in, and that’s more amazing.

On the Earfun Air Pro 3, we get voice assistance. Just long-press on the right side of the buds, and the Google Assistant or Siri will get back to you and then say what you want done or play for you. That’s one feature that’s nice and available to its other competitors.

Call Quality and Gaming Mode

In the Air Pro 3, we have a 6x microphone with noise canceling technology that works quite nicely. I made the call in a noisy place but heard everything quite clearly. The microphone noise canceling is amazing; it catches the only voice and dampens out the noise behind us.

I also played Call of Duty Mobile and noticed that with the gaming mode turned on, I received very good low latency when shooting, and the sound comes in exact timing with any little bit of delay. I didn’t notice any latency lag, so the gaming is quite accurate at the price of $79.

Battery Life

Earfun Air Pro 3 Battery Life

As for the battery life, I enjoyed 4 and a half hours of music playback with normal mode from 100% to 70%, and with ANC Mode I get 3 and a half hours of playback, so the battery life, as Earfun claims, is good, and with the case we can charge the buds up to 3 to 4 times fully, so we can get up to 36 hours of music playback. That is amazing battery life support at this budget price point.

Earfun Air Pro 3 Case and charging Support

As for the case design, it is not too big or too small. We get a normal-size plastic case, and the lid hinge is good. When we pull the lid, it opens fully by itself. We can get three small LED lights on the case that indicate how much charge is left. As for charging support, we get a USB type-C port to charge the case, but the one I have received has a problem because when I plug the USB type-C, it is not charged, so I replace it with my own one, and the led indicates that charging is working. But if you have a wireless charger, the case supports wireless charging, so you can charge it wirelessly.

Final Thought

So Earfun Air Pro 3 worth the price? Yes, is it. You get good audio quality without any sound blasting issues, good working touch controls, and amazing connectivity. We also have hybrid noise cancellation, ambient mode with voice assistance, and the app support that not all budget earbuds come with. We get up to 4 to 5 hours of music playback with just 100% to 70% battery life; that’s quite good battery life compared to Huawie Freebuds, and the case also supports wireless charging. There are some missing features, like auto pause or play, and for that one, I notice a USB Type-C cable problem, but At the price of $59 at Amazon for the Earfun Air Pro 3, I would say it’s a steal for your music preferences.

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