Hisense 65-inch U6K vs U7K Smart TV: Witch One is Worth?

In this article, we will delve into the features and performance of Hisense two popular models the U6K and U7K, to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs, or which one is really worth to get?

Design and Ports

Starting with the physical attributes, the Hisense U6K boasts a premium look with sleek bezels making it a stylish addition to any home. The remote control equipped with voice activation and convenient hotkeys, enhances the overall user experience.

The Hisense U7K introduces a wider stance and lacks the adjustability found in its counterpart. Additionally the U7K houses a subwoofer on the back for enhanced bass response.

Hisense U6K TV Ports and Connectivity

Both models share similar connectivity options, including two USB ports, an Ethernet connection, four HDMI 2.0 ports, a composite input, fiber optic output, and a 3.5mm audio output for older speaker systems.

Picture Quality

Hisense 65-inch TV U6k vs U7k Picture Quality

Moving on to the picture quality the Hisense U6K impresses with a compelling display, suitable for everyday television watching and movie enjoyment. The comparison with the U7K reveals nearly identical visuals, with the latter featuring a wider stance and a built-in subwoofer. The Hisense U7K, tailored for gaming, supports up to 120Hz signals, boasts more local dimming zones, and offers increased brightness.

Motion Handling

For movie watching, the motion on the U6K is described as smooth out of the box, with minimal jutter when watching 24 frames per second movies. Skin tones appear natural, and slight vetting may be observed around the edges on white screens. The U7K, with ample settings for motion adjustment, maintains good out-of-the-box performance, though skin tones may lean towards a warmer look.

Operating System and Features

Hisense 65-inch TV U6k vs U7k UI and Theme

Both the Hisense U6K and U7K TV run on the Google operating system, providing features like Google search, access to the App Store, ambient mode with screen savers, and compatibility with Android devices and Apple AirPlay. Additionally, Alexa capabilities are available by logging into the respective account.

HDR Support

Hisense 65-inch TV U6k vs U7k HDR

An essential consideration for many consumers is HDR support. Both TVs offer support for Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10 Plus, with the added advantage of Dolby Vision IQ for automatic optimization of color reproduction.

Conclusion and Rankings

Both Hisense TV U6K and U7K offer compelling features, catering to different consumer needs. The U6K is recommended for the average user seeking a smart television with Google capabilities and good visuals. On the other hand, the U7K, with its calibration options, superior Adobe Vision settings, and 120Hz capability, is ideal for gamers and those willing to invest a bit more for an enhanced viewing experience.

While the U6K is a solid choice for general users, the U7K earns a higher ranking (8 out of 10) for its advanced features and calibration options. But the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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