Mechlands RX-Strom RX870 Keyboard Review

Since last week, I’ve been using the RX Strom RX870 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, which has a gasket structure, hot-swappable switches, 88 keys, and an 87% layout with double-shot PBT keycaps. It bought a 4000mAh battery and is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

And it features 16 million RGB lights, and we do have dual-side RGB streaming lights that are visible when you look at your keyboard from the side and anyone else. So I mention I’ve been using it for the last few weeks. Here are my full thoughts, and is it worth $100 or not?

Design and Build

RX Strom RX870 Mechanical Keyboard is placed on a desk with it's accessories, a USB Type-C for the charging, keycap puller, and user manual docks.

As for the unboxing and what I get in the box, when I open it, I find the keyboard itself, neatly packed, along with a user manual. In another small box, I find the Type-C USB cable for charging or for wired use in lag-free gaming, and lastly, there’s a keycap puller.

Overall, everything is perfectly packed and the quality is good, but I noticed that the build quality of the keycap puller isn’t great. When I was swapping the keycaps, its plastic joints broke easily.

RX Strom RX870 Review: Design and Build

As for the design, you have three color options: Black, White Grey, and White Blue. My unit is the White Blue, and it looks good; the entire body features a white color, with the A Set keycaps in white, the B Set keycaps in blue, and the D Set in pink. I really love these keycap color combinations.

On the right side, above the D Set, you have an LED light with the metal strip logo “RX Strom.” This LED indicates battery status and connections, such as Bluetooth mode (1, 2, 3) indicated by blue, orange, or purple, and for the 2.4GHz wireless connection, it turns green.

RX Strom RX870 Port, Buttons and Back design

On the front edge, first, there’s a USB Type-C Port, followed by a button that allows you to turn on the Bluetooth mode and switch to the 2.4GHz wireless connection. When the switch is in the center, the keyboard is off. Then, there’s a dock for the 2.4GHz receiver and whole ports and buttons.

The dock is protected with a metal strip that also features the full name of the Keyboard, “RX870 Super Mechanical Keyboard,” which you can remove by just unscrewing two screws from both sides. On the back surface, in the center, there is a rectangular metal logo, and it has round soft rubbers that make it slip-free and keep it securely on your desk.

RX Strom RX870 Double Side RGB Streaming Lights

One more notable thing is the both sides RGB Streaming Lights; their effect is also different from the key RGB. I don’t know why the makers include this feature because when you’re sitting in front of it, you might not notice it much, but others viewing from the sides can easily recognize it. I also love this feature.

As for the build quality, it’s light, and the whole build is plastic, featuring a slightly rubbery texture. You do have a metal strip in some places, as I mentioned earlier. Even though it’s a plastic build, it feels sturdy, and when you run your fingers along the body, you can really feel its rubbery texture. I love how it looks and the premium build quality impresses me, especially at the price point of $100.

Bluetooth and 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity

So, as for connections, first, I tested it with Bluetooth connection. For setup, just switch the button on the Bluetooth sign direction, then turn on your Windows or Mac Bluetooth and search for the device. (One thing I noticed is its model name RX Strom RX870, but when searching for the device, it appears as “Bluetooth Keyboard.”)

Select RX Strom if you see the name, and now you’re good to go. I worked with Bluetooth connections for around 3 to 4 hours in 2 to 3 days and did not notice any lag, even when typing on the keyboard and just stopping to look at some text or reading. When my fingers lightly touch the keys, they input the letter, so overall, its Bluetooth connection is amazing; it works smoothly without any delay.

One thing I noticed is only the keyboard name appears as “Bluetooth Keyboard,” not RX Strom or the model name.

And as for the 2.4GHz wireless connection, just slide the switch on the wireless connection and connect the 2.4GHz USB receiver to your PC, and now you’re good to go; you do not need to do anything, just start typing. While I’m using it, I did not encounter any lag; it works responsively as the Bluetooth connection, and you even get a more stable connection.

We also have wired connection support, so for the wired connection, just turn off the keyboard and then connect it with the USB Type-C cable that we get in the box. It charges the keyboard battery using it in turn-off wireless modes. The wired connection provides you a lag-free gaming experience. Overall, all connection modes are responsive, work faster, and are lag-free.

Keycaps and Switch

RX Strom RX870 Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps and Switches

The RX870 Mechanical Keyboard elevates typing with its gasket structure and five-layer sound optimization process. It not only enhances tactile feedback but also delivers a satisfying auditory experience. With its 88-key layout and double-shot PBT keycaps, the RX870 maximizes efficiency without compromising on space. The durability of keycaps provides a premium feel and lasting quality.

I’ve been using the RX Strom RX870 for the past few weeks, and I can attest to its exceptional tactile feedback, smooth key travel, and remarkable key sound. I highly recommend this, especially considering its affordability at under $100.

Here’s How RX870 Key Sounds

RGB Lights and Preset

RX Strom RX870 Mechanical Keyboard RGB Lights and Preset

The RX970 has 16 million color RGB lighting, and it’s bright enough to be visible while working in a brighter environment. If you’re buying it for work purposes, then yes, its backlight is visible properly in a brighter studio or office room. 

Additionally, when using it in a gaming setup, you’ll feel even happier to see its RGB color light with good brightness. You have 19 lighting mode groups, and if you want to change them, simply press FN+Menu buttons to adjust as you like. Furthermore, you can change the backlight and RGB colors by using FN+Shift_R. 

Another thing to mention is the both side RGB Streaming RGB lights; you can change their effects by using the FN+F13 key. Overall, the RGB lighting offers a good variety of effects with 19 color groups. However, you do not have any dedicated software to customize the RGB colors change or more settings; you need to check out the user manual and then customize it by using the shortcut keys. Nevertheless, for under 0, it’s good enough to get one.

Battery Life

So the RX Strom RX870 has a 4000mAh lithium battery, and as I’ve been using it for the past week, I would say its battery backup is really amazing. I haven’t done gaming with it, but I use it for my work, writing review articles with RGB backlight on, and even with the double-side streaming lights on, it easily runs for 5 hours or more. 

I also used and reviewed the Epomaker X Feker Galaxy80, which gives around 3 and a half hours, even though it doesn’t have any RGB streaming lights like the RX870 does. So, in my experience, its battery backup is really amazing.

Final Thought

So, what’s my thought? I would say yes, the RX Strom RX870 is the mechanical keyboard to get under a budget price of $100. It has an amazing design and premium build quality along with stable connections whether it’s Bluetooth or the 2.4GHz wireless. The battery life also performs admirably, even when running both side RGB streaming lights and backlights.

Yes, RX870 does have some drawbacks, such as not having dedicated software for customization and it tends to collect dust easily. However, considering its price point of under $100, it’s recommended for everyone, whether you’re a gamer or someone who just wants to work with a great typing experience.

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